Share Options

Members can view and edit portions of the vegetable items in each week's box through our easy to use online customization.  Members will also be able to purchase additional produce and add-on items through their farm account. Try out our ordering DEMO to see how it works!

Spring and Egg Shares are also available. 

Sign up and PAY IN FULL before January 1, 2018 and take $20.00 off of your total for summer vegetable shares.  (Discount is not available for spring shares or egg shares.) Credit will be applied to your account after you have joined.


Veggie Shares

These shares are delivered each week and consists of six to 12 different vegetable items, with fewer items in the box earlier in the season and more as the season progresses. The season runs from June through mid-October.

The Standard Share is best for families, or folks who eat a lot of vegetables each week.  It's also our best value and contains 8-12 items. The recipes in the newsletter generally accommodate the portions in this size share. $620 for 20 weeks. 

The Small Share offers smaller quantities of produce with a similar selection of vegetables as the standard share, but not always as much variety.   It is best for individuals, couples and people who are trying CSA for the first time. $425 for 20 weeks.

A Large Share We often refer to this as the “extra-large” share. This share is geared towards a larger family or those that like to do a little preserving. The large size will be approximately 1 ½ times the Standard Share, offering greater quantities of weekly produce. $625 for 20 weeks.

In an effort to give our members some choice about what goes in the share, we offer the option to choose a portion of your box through an easy to use online form. We grow 40+ different crops over the course of the season, so there is a large selection to choose from. Not choosing preferences will give you the standard Farmer's Choice for the week.

Egg share members will receive 1 dozen certified organic, free-range eggs every-other week for a total of 10 deliveries over the CSA season.  Eggs shares will begin with the vegetable shares.  (Scroll down for more information about our eggs.) $60. Add a second share for $55.00. (If you are unable to add a second share during your sign up, please email the farm and we'll get them added for you!  Sorry- we're having a tech issue with online egg share ordering at this time.)


HEALTH CARE REBATES: As a Fairshare endorsed farm, members of our farm may be eligible for a rebate of up to $200.00 from their Insurance providers!

Egg Shares

Our chickens and our eggs are certified organic and soy free, pastured and free-range. Our hen’s diets are also supplemented with soy-free, organic feed.  Egg shares sell out early and precedence is given to members with vegetable shares.

Egg share members will receive 1 dozen certified organic, free-range eggs every-other week for a total of 10 deliveries over the CSA season.  Eggs shares will begin with the vegetable shares.




Early Spring Share

 Late April – mid May                

The Early spring share provides 4 weeks of lush salad greens, cooking greens, and early spring veggies. This is a share designed for those who love their salads and cooked greens!  Pick-up locations for spring shares are limited to Watertown, Fort Atkinson and the farm in Johnson Creek.



Winter Storage Share

 Late October – mid December

These three bi-weekly deliveries of fall produce and storage crops, just in time for the holidays and for those days and weeks of winter filled with fragrant aromas of warm and comforting meals from your kitchen.


Payment Options

  • Credit card payment with PayPal
  • Direct check or bank check
  • Extended payment: divide your total cost and send up to 4 checks, dated with current date, May 1, June, and July 1.  Receipts will be sent after each deposit.  (All checks must be sent to the farm with this option.)

More about Customization:

We understand that from time to time the amount of weekly veggies you need will change. For that reason, we allow you to roll over up to $25 worth of produce from delivery to delivery. This also allows you to get less produce one week and more the next, as your needs change, for no extra cost. This also makes going on vacation no problem. You can cancel your order with the click of a button. We'll credit your swap value so you can get your veggies on a later date during that membership season for no extra cost.