Worker Share FAQ

Please read the questions and answers below before choosing the worker option, and if you think that you can work with this schedule and would like to join our team, please contact us via email!

Do I need experience?

No.  Each job will be explained to you.  You will just need to be able to listen, follow directions and work hard for your full shift.

Can my spouse/partner work my shift for me if I can’t make it? 

It’s best if one person in a family commits to a season, but if you need a sub you can send another family member.

Can 2 of us come each week for 2 hours?

No.  Leaving in the middle of a shift is not always helpful for the farm and co-workers.

Can I work for a small share?

Full shifts are most desired and the most helpful to us on the farm.  You are welcome to work a full shift for a small share, and there may also be a few (limited) opportunities to work lighter shifts for small shares.  Contact us for more information about this.

Can I bring my children?

No.  The work shifts are not geared for children.  We welcome you to bring your children to the farm when they can have your full attention and to any of our festivals.

Can I bring my dog?  No.

Farming is hard work but it is also satisfying, fun and offers constant variety.  We are looking for strong, motivated and reliable individuals to work along with us through the coming growing seasons. Tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the season include starting seeds, transplanting, weeding, caring for livestock and chickens, pest management, cultivation, field preparation and clean-up, trellising, harvesting and delivering CSA boxes to name a few.  There is heavy lifting involved as well as repetitive work with tools and working on hands and knees. We make the best of all of this work as a team while we strive to provide the highest quality of produce for our farm members and farmer’s markets as well as marketing to restaurants and retail stores.